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Clinical & Complementary Therapy by Gill Henderson
I’m Gill Henderson

Welcome To High-Cliffe

Here at High-Cliffe, I offer a range of tailored treatments to suit your health requirements with a specialism in clinical treatments, pre-conception, maternity, mother & baby techniques.

My treatments are wonderful for all, allow you to take more responsibility for your own health & are highly effective in healing body, mind & spirit.

Here’s what I do

My Range of Therapies

Pain Management

Clinical Massage

Controlled, even pressure is applied to the whole body to encourage relaxation & release muscle tension. The focus is on treating specific areas of pain. Essential oils & specialised techniques including myofacial release, trigger point therapy, acupressure. Stretching will be used to enhance the experience & gain better, longer lasting results.
Healing & Balancing

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy involves the therapeutic use of pure essential oils to treat a wide variety of health issues. Starting with a detailed consultation, this is a wonderful, totally relaxing body massage tailored to your own health requirements using specialised massage techniques & essential oils to relax, heal & balance the whole body.
Ultimate Relaxation

Hydrotherm Massage

A unique massage experience where the client lies face up on cushions of warm water for perfect spinal alignment & to help me deliver the ultimate experience in supportive, relaxing massage. Particularly suitable for anyone unable to lie face down or turn easily. Hydrotherm is super rewarding for mums to be with maximum support & no pressure on bump.
Ancient & Natural


An ancient natural therapy that uses subtle energies of the feet to balance & harmonise. Following illness, stress, injury or disease, the body is in a state of imbalance. By applying pressure to the many reflex points in the hands or feet, reflexology can be used to restore & maintain balance in the body. Deeply relaxing with proven benefits for many physical & mental health conditions?
Maternal Well-Being

Pre-Conception (Natural or Assisted) to Post Natal

Combinations of Hydrotherm, pregnancy massage, fertility & maternity reflexology techniques are used to support the mum-to-be from pre-conception to birth & post-natal aftercare. These therapies help to create a more natural balance allowing optimal conditions for conception, pregnancy, birth & recovery.
Bonding & Nurturing

Baby Massage/Infant Reflexology

Massage & reflexology are truly wonderful ways for parents to bond with their babies & infants. There are many proven psychological & physical benefits to baby & parent. As an instructor in these therapies I am passionate about sharing my knowledge & skill set with parents and parents to be.
Creating Group Harmony

Massage in Schools

Peer to peer massage of 4-12 year olds has been shown to support emotional intelligence & well-being, raise confidence while helping young people understand appropriate & positive touch. As a qualified Massage in Schools instructor I support teachers & young people by implementing this programme in schools & other children’s clubs.
The Gift of Relaxation

Therapy Vouchers

Therapy gift vouchers are a superb way to help loved ones celebrate special events in life & are extremely popular. They are a truly wonderful way of showing love & support to friends going through challenging times. Gift vouchers are also extremely popular for maternity leave/baby shower presents.
Treat your loved ones to one of my fantastic treatments today!
Team Based Therapy

Corporate Therapies

My previous life in the corporate world means I understand the stresses & pressures only too well. Running my corporate therapy events at your company will help de-stress your workplace, increase team well-being & productivity as well as showing your employees how much you value them.

What My Clients are Saying

“You won’t find better than Gill”

“You won’t find better than Gill Henderson, she has it all. A calm, comfortable environment, friendly, warm, welcoming personality. I wish I could go weekly, this lady has got me through some rough times. Xx”


“More than a massage therapist”

“It’s more than massage therapy, Gill should charge for counselling & psychotherapy haha! I thoroughly recommend Gill – a beautiful lady & excellent massage therapist/reflexologist. Someone I’ve been visiting for years.”


“I thoroughly recommend Gill”

“Gill was outstanding all through my pregnancy with a combination of reflexology & Hydrotherm massage to help my SPD. I used a wheelchair to attend most sessions with Gill but often I would be walking afterwards & she made life bearable again.”


“Gills Hydrotherm a lifesaver”

“Gill’s Hydrotherm massage has been a lifesaver for me in both my pregnancies. Helped relieve my back pain. I highly recommend Gill to any pregnant ladies.”


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